Fuji Showcase XF27mmF2.8 Samples

Having just picked up a used X Pro 1 body from the folks at KEH and wanting to try my XF lenses, here's a shot of our "frozen Froggy" with the 27mm. I've taken way too many pictures of da' frog but it's handy for testing camera bodies and lenses. I have an XE-1 body too but the X Pro 1 seems to be a bit more contrasty in the default JPEG setting. Still shooting and reviewing images at this point. XPro 1, XF 27mm, ISO320, LR5, Silver Efex Pro 2.
. . . David



May 1, 2013
Looks like they may be VSCO presets. They have a feel that I absolutely love and just recently purchased packs 1-4!

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