Fuji Showcase XF27mmF2.8 Samples


Oct 28, 2014
Toronto, Ontario
Gotta say while not the sharpest lens in my stable there is not a thing to complain about, like previously mentioned it fits nicely on the camera and into a pocket (both on the xe2 and the xt1) for me this was bought with the xe2 in mind though
here is one from the other day a Christmas selfie so to speak (I'm in a few of the balls) - an extra stop of speed would have been nice but i like having the size. I look forward to it as a daylight street lens (and a good compliment to the 18)

Pentax Forums 12 days of Christmas - Day4 by Eddie Smith, on Flickr


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Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
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This is mass being held in the Chapel at the Virginia Military Institute. The painting in the front is a rendition of a civil war battle (New market) in which the VMI cadets were involved. They were supposed to be support troops only, but a mistake lead to an order for the cadets to charge the Union forces. About one third of the cadets died in that charge.
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Feb 4, 2017
To be honest i was not expecting this Lens to be so good.

Here is another one bokehlicious
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