Fuji XH-1 Grip and battery questions...


Apr 2, 2018
So, I just picked up my XH-1 last weekend from a local shop (end of an era, traded in the last of my Nikon gear). They didn't have the bundle kit, so, that leaves me with a problem...

I want to get the battery grip, but I'm trying to figure out where to buy it. Amazon is out of stock, and they are pushing Unique Photo, who I refuse to do business with, and don't trust one iota. Seems that the other stores selling them all are owned and serviced by questionable NY stores. I might have to settle for B&H. Any other ideas on where to get it?

Related.. I need batteries. Any reports on the Wasabi batteries for use in the XH-1? I plan on buying 3, so I have

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Whats wrong with settling with B&H Ive never had a problem with them?


Apr 2, 2018
I've had issues with B&H in the past, taking orders (and charging) for items they didn't have in stock, and not notifying me that they weren't in stock. But they are probably better than any of the other NY stores.


Dec 31, 2015
Oakland County, Michigan
I'm totally ok with BH, but you can also use Adorama, Cardinal camera, Roberts camera, or Kenmore camera, just to name a few affirmed camera stores in the US.
I use wasabi batteries on my XH1 with no problems.
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