XT2 Auto Focus Tracking at Moto Cross event...............Wow


Cotswolds, UK
I went to the Moto cross event today as I wanted to try the AFC tracking on the XT2 with both the 100-400 and the 16-55 and I used the following settings:

ISO = Auto
Zone Focus = 9 central spots then wide tracking
AFC category = I used setting 4 (subject suddenly appears)
100 - 400 set to f8 and 1/2000 sec
The above were for most of the images but used f5.6 with the 16-55mm

I am thrilled with the performance and it more than lived up to all my expectations and the only focus fails were down to operator headspace!

These are just a few of the images

Moto 4.jpg
Moto 6.jpg
Moto 7.jpg
Moto 9.jpg
Moto 13.jpg
Moto 20.jpg
Moto 24.jpg
Moto 30.jpg
Moto 32.jpg
Moto 34.jpg


Cotswolds, UK
Thanks Kyle, it is the first time I have used the wide tracking but found it perfect for subjects that suddenly appeared, the focus locked on quickly and accurately so did exactly what I hoped.

The Zone focus (I used 9 spots) was perfect for the first images of rides leaping the jump from a distance with the long lens and again even with the 100-400 locked on quickly for bikes moving at speed and suddenly appearing in the air.

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