xz-1 compared to lx-5


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I've owned the lx-5 for some time now and is generally pleased with the images it produces. I got it before the xz-1 was announced and by looking at it's features I kinda regret that I didn't wait before buying. I've been toying with the idea of doing a switch, though, but haven't really decided yet.

There are few things that annoy me about the lx5.
One nice thing is the option to change the size of the focus point and moving it across the frame. The VERY big annoyance is that it changes back to the default size and position when you change aspect ratio or turn of the camera.
How does the xz-1 handle focus points?

The startup time, lens extension, zoom and power down feels sluggish on the lx5. Looking at video reviews of the xz-1 the lens seems to extend and zoom a whole lot faster.
Is it as fast as it looks? And on the lx5 the lens retreats back in to the body when in playback mode, which is also annoying and time consuming. Does the xz-1 do the same? If so, can it be disabled.

The menus and user interface looks old and are time consuming to navigate and the quick menu is in my opinion useless as it is not customisable.
The push dial is nice for quickly dial in exposure compensation but it is way too small and fiddly.

How do you like the menus on the xz-1, seeing how it doesn't have an exterior button for ISO how time consuming is it to change the value? And while on ISO, can you set the auto iso range on the camera? Like for example if you want the camera to choose a value between say 400-1600.
And what about back dial on the xz-1 and the buttons around it? It looks small and like it's hard to push one button without hitting all the others as well.

The grip. Lx5 has one, xz-1 doesn't. Is it difficult to hold?

It seems xz-1 doesn't use a multi aspect ratio sensor. Does that mean that you can only shoot raw while in 4:3?

Well, that's all the questions I remember for now...


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Tommy, first of all, welcome to Serious Compacts! I'm sure as the day/evening/night wears on that you'll get some good feedback regarding the XZ-1. Meanwhile, I just took a look at your pictures on Flickr. The landscapes and the way you've chosen to portray them are both beautiful and interesting. I've only just started to make my way through. I hope you'll share some of your pictures here, too, when you have the time.


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I'm a new mwmber and I have had the XZ-1 for a short time now.
I can tell you that the lens retracts in play mode only after some minutes.
I find the startup time quite good.
Unfortunately you can't choose ISO range in AutoISO mode but you have P mode with some 100-200 ISO range, Lowlight mode with some 100-800, S with full ISO range.
It's not difficult to hold and it has some grip on the back side for thumb. You can buy one but they are usually expensive (there are some chinese clones too).
It doesn't have ISO button, in P mode control wheel around the lens change ISO and it's very effective.
I hope it still can help you.


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I have had both cameras and have gone back to the XZ-1.

I'm a fool for the art filters though, and I shoot Jpeg mainly and so prefer what the xz-1 does with them.

So I'm not much help but I think you would be happy with your swap.


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"The grip. Lx5 has one, xz-1 doesn't. Is it difficult to hold?

It seems xz-1 doesn't use a multi aspect ratio sensor. Does that mean that you can only shoot raw while in 4:3?"

In raw it shoots 4:3, should you usethe Olympus Viewer 2 vconverter then it can recall the aspect ratio you chose. As to grips IMHO the Franiec grip is a Must-Have!
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Have you seen the Fuji X10 that's coming out very very soon? I may be swapping out my XZ-1 for one of these bad boys!

Before I bought my XZ-1 I did look long and hard at the LX-5 but the XZ-1 won as i found it was an all round better camera.

BTW I LOVE your Flickr photostream. Some superb images there!!


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I ordered the Franiec grip for mine too, can't wait for it to get here :)

I would have gone the X10 but I have the X100 and I want the filters in camera with the XZ-1 :)

EDIT! Camera just turned up in the mail :) I shall go happy snapping this weekend :)