Yeah, I've had this feeling.


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Just yesterday for me, disappointment that is.


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Jan 19, 2015
Yes, the hit rate can be low, but getting just the one makes it worthwhile surely.


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Jul 24, 2013
Memphis, TN
At some point I came to understand the difference in being a dedicated amateur landscape photographer and merely trying to capture a pleasing composition of a beautiful landscape. I do make an attempt, every once in a while, to scout out a location and show up at the right time. But about 95% of the time I find myself in a lovely location at the wrong time. The photos I make create memories but are usually nowhere near the efforts it would take to create portfolio pictures. I've found I have to adjust my expectations to the reality of my age, health, time with my wife, and want to! Here's an example, great location, wrong time of day.

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