Fuji Yet Another "First Shots" Thread (X100)


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Ya never, know, kyteflyer...ya just might need to get one.:biggrin:

I think we might need to combine our "First Shots" threads into one big happy X100 first shots family.

Thank you, Burkey!:dance2:


Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
:biggrin: Now, now BB, just because you've taken some fab shots with your X100! I'm seeing that you've really taken to your new friend ;) I feel somehow more connected to the K5 and it's 35mm 2.8 macro lens. I like to see stuff really close....... the Fuji lens is more of a challenge for me but I'll be taking it to Boston tomorrow and hoping it will come into it's own for landscape shots. Seriously (!) your latest flickr shots are really good ones. Enjoy :wink:

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