You know that you have too many cameras when...


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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
- when I can't figured out how to set the date and time!!

- when I can't figured out why a particular (wrong) battery won't fit in the camera

- when I open the gear drawer, and say "I own that camera?"

john m flores

Aug 13, 2012
You know that you have too many cameras when, added together, you have more megapickles in your house than, you know, actual pickles.


Mar 8, 2014
For me, it's:

You know that you have too many cameras when you have to set the date and time on a camera you haven't touched in months.

What's it for you?
When you Cant remember how many you own. :D

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Dec 20, 2013
when someone asks you how many cameras you own, and you actually have to think about the answer for more than a second or two.

(this is even worse when someone asks about lenses)


Dec 15, 2011
Bangalore, India
You know that you have too many cameras when, your friends start commenting that one can't ride two horses with one a** and you have no idea what they're on about.


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Nov 12, 2010
... There's a specific user case for which you've bought a camera, but when that user case occurs, you've still got more than one obvious choice.

Alternatively and less boringly: when you attend a photography workshop and you can help each one of your fellow students set-up their camera, regardless of make or model.


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under

You know that you have too many cameras when...

…you don't think you have enough.
…your peripherals (cords, chargers, batteries, straps, etc.) need to be transferred to a bigger suitcase.
…your better half comments 'you've gone full circle with your cameras' (was told this yesterday while caught in the act of transferring peripherals to a bigger suitcase)
…you take less (real) photos,
(i.e., you notice your Lightroom catalog is mainly test shots and photos of gear from differing angles - obviously ready for sale.)

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