Fuji Your best tips for a new X100 user?


Dec 28, 2011
Berkeley, CA
I am renting an X100 for 5 days starting tomorrow. Because I don't have a lot of time with the camera, I'd like to get it set up as quickly as possible. I've read several different reviews with some good tips & tricks, but have not kept them all straight.

If you were just receiving the X100 for the first time, how would you configure the various settings knowing what you know now?


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Jan 6, 2012
Paris, France
The X100 is a great camera, just make sure it has the latest firmware and you will be fine.
Yes. First thing to do is check the firmware version, and update it if necessary, as the firmware update will erase all your settings.

Another thing: format your SD card from the X100 menu before first use. The Fuji is a bit picky about having a clean SD card to write to.


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
Things I would do:

1) Assign the Fn button up top to ISO.
2) Assign the Raw button on back to be film simulation options.
3) Set the max auto ISO to 3200 and don't sweat if you see it going up there while shooting - it's going to come out clean.
4) Burn the following things into your brain:
- Check the manual knobs everytime you start shooting, especially that Exposure Comp dial. It has to be a habit.
- Use the EVF if you're not 100% confident, because then you'll see yourself about to blow the shot before you do it. OVF won't tell you.
- If they're closer than 3 feet, you'll need to switch it to Macro. So practice hitting that rotary dial on the back 2x to the left and get quick at it.

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