Your experiences with traveling light?


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Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
The kit I take for a place like Disney is the EM5 II, 12-32, the small 35-100, and a fast primes like the 17 and the 60 macro. It weighs very little, and I only carry parts of it around. The two small Panasonic zooms and the EM5 II are my typical walk around.

For a city, the X70 recently proved to be an excellent urban shooter in DC.
At least i’m consistent. This year I took the EM1 II, the 12-32, the 35-100, and the 20.


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Jul 11, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
This year I'm taking the Leica M9 + Sony RX0, which is like giving the M9 a video upgrade when mounted to the hotshoe. I'm tossing up between the GX85 and LX10 as complementary cameras, or maybe the Ricoh GR or even the Sigma DP1 for fun. Video is important to me, so the Panasonics make sense, but they don't shoot like the GR or DP1.

Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
The lightest kit I've traveled with is the E-M5 i with the 14-42 pancake lens, and and E-P2 for a back up body. In June, I plan on taking a D-lux 7 and, for telephoto reach outside, the capable Stylus 1s. My last several trips have been the Pen F with the 12-40 and the Stylus 1, but I need to travel exceptionally light in June. I'm looking forward to it. I think I could get used to something like the Pannie ZS100 and the D-Lux 7. That would give me what i needed without breaking the bank -- or may increasingly creaky back.

Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
My new (used) Sony RX100M3. It's been on my belt loop as an Every Day Carry in a Sony case. No complaints so far.
I considered the Sonys, but I have used them and find them fiddly. Very nice cameras, but I don't enjoy using them. I will sacrifice a little there and there for something that gives me joy to use. Since the D lux 7 I ordered had pre-release firmware, I returned it and may well get the Leica typ 113. I loved my X1. No zoom, but that can be liberating. It is a little bigger than I was thinking, but I know I would use it.


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Feb 3, 2012
I considered the Sonys, but I have used them and find them fiddly.
I miss the Mechanical Zoom on my Fuji X30, which the RX100 replaced. But the sensor was just killing me as I pushed it to the limits. I really wish Fuji would put out an X80 with an APS-C and an EVF, but it would likely cannibalize the low-end XF line.


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Dec 29, 2013
I know I may be one of the few people to really like that camera, but I find the G1X III to be a really satisfying travel companion; it's small, competent and sturdy, and since I replaced the lens cap with a protective filter, it's actually quite quick to deploy as well. Yes, there are other, more versatile compacts, and of course, small systems (I own :mu43: as well as Leica M setups that fit that bill), but while they might cover more subject matters, they're also much bulkier and more complicated to use. And furthermore, the G1X III certainly delivers the goods as well ...

Yet, for photo travel, nothing beats a system - so that's what I take if it's at all possible. But the G1X III will still be in the bag as well - it's uniquely useful, and as a complete package, it beats my previous contenders, the GR, the LX100 and the FZ1000, in crucial ways: It has a zoom and an EVF; it's weather resistant; it's small, yet grippy and sturdier than even the GR; it also has a fully articulated screen (that is also touch enabled) and quick AF with very good tracking ... Of course, its lens isn't as good as the GR's and not as versatile as the FZ1000's (the reasons why I still own both cameras ...), and it doesn't feel quite as intuitive and pleasant in use as the LX100 for which I still have a soft spot, even though the G1X III has pretty much supplanted it. It beats those cameras *as well as* the systems because it packs so many useful features in such a small body.



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Dec 22, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark
My travel setup these days is my Ricoh GR and my Sigma DP2M, I don't miss carrying around more stuff or switching lenses.
Funny, it's been almost 2 years and my preferred travel setup is still the same. I'm starting to consider if a phone could replace the GR, but I still don't see anything on the market that can replace the DP2M without being larger.
Dec 31, 2013
Louisville, Ky
I think my favorite travel set up, from the different configurations I have tried with Fuji. Was a pair of X-Pro2's with 16mm and 56mm. I had the two bodies already for event work. So I took one and left it in the bag for backup.

Now that I have switched to the X-T2 for event work. When I travel this year I'm thinking of trying the 16/35/56 or 16/35/90 trio as a travel kit.


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Aug 7, 2011
Jersey Shore
My ultimate travelling light tool - short of resorting to my iPhone - is the Canon G9X. So tiny it can fit unnoticed in the pocket of a suit or tuxedo. But featuring a solid, one-inch sensor, a 28-84mm zoom range and an f/2.0-4.9 aperture range.

Yes, some people point to flaws in the G9X's lens and they're certainly there in lab tests. But I have been quite pleased with the images I get in the real world. I personally shoot up to and including ISO 3200 without fear. YMMV. The G7X's lens is better and faster but it's a larger camera.

The Mark I version of the G9X could be sluggish when it came to RAW shooting. But the Mark II is much better. And the rear touchscreen control interface is quite good.

Just a suggestion for those still thinking about this subject.
Apr 18, 2014
Boston Burbs
I'll add to the revitalized thread.

I currently have three kits, all are smaller than what I had before getting into m4/3. Before all I had was Nikon FX event gear. My wife and I were headed out on a road trip and I REALLY didn't want to drag 5-10 pounds of gear. Since then I've had small m4/3 gear, advanced P&S like the LX100 (but I've never been able to get past the power zoom for one reason or another). The kits I have now:
  • X70 (use to also have the WCL)
  • X-E3 and a few lenses, but nothing longer than the 18-55
  • E-M1 mkII with zooms covering 16-600mm EQ and a couple of fast primes
Which of the kits I take really depends on where I'm going, what I expect to shoot, and what I'm willing to not take pictures of. I went to NYC some years back and at the time the longest lens I had was the Panasonic 14-140. Not really long enough for the zoo or the baseball game we went to. We went to Seattle and Portland, I only brought the X70 with the WCL. Other than the slower AF it did everything I needed.

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