Sony Your Views on the Kit 18-55mm


Nov 10, 2010
Los Angeles
I ended up parting out the 18-55mm, which brought the cost of my NEX-3 body well under $200. It's not a bad lens, but I would rather have $200+ in my pocket. The kit zooms for Canon and Nikon SLR for example are much more reasonably priced. I'd rather pay a premium for better glass, not a metal body. Cost aside, I think I would have been happy with it shooting in RAW so you get CA correction lens profile in Adobe. With JPEG it's not horrible, but not particularly pleasing to me either. So not a bad lens, but for me it was expensive (relative to resale value), too big, and not good enough IQ to keep.

If the Zeiss focal length works for you, I recommend saving for that one. ;) I personally just bought a Voigtlander 35mm f/2.5 Skopar, because I can't afford the Zeiss. But I'm pretty used to MF lenses and like primes, and prefer having physical aperture ring. The Skopar actually cost a little bit more than what I got for the 18-55mm, which I think for most may seem like a weird 'trade', but I think I will be more happy with it.

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