Nikon Z 40mm f/2

Irene McC

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Who's got this lens? Good or bad? Bang for buck I think one can't really go too wrong?
Currently on a birthday sale at our local pro photography shop and, yes, I'm tempted

Let me know your thoughts please? One negative I've read about is the plastic mount.
I can live with that for casual use; not intending to treat it rough


I have been very happy with mine. It mostly lives on my Z5 which makes a nice light weight package.
It is not weather sealed but it has fast AF. Here are a couple odd sample images.
SIJuly 2022 Day 28.jpeg
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I have this lens to use with my Z6 and it makes a compact package. It's definitely a nice bang for buck and my only way to make a small kit out of the system.

I rather like the overall look and feel of images from the combo. It sharpens up in the center at about f 2.8, but I'll still use it wide open. Corner sharpness for my uses isn't important, I'm usually taking photos of people. Also you'll be using the DX frame so not much to worry with there. The sharpness isn't as good at close focus distance as it is further out.

AF is quick and silent. I have no concern with the mount and I like that it has a nice overhang to shield the joint from direct dust ingress even though it's not got the mounting gasket.

Overall I would buy it again. I would still love the 50mm 1.8S for max IQ, but it doesn't cover the small package niche