Leica Showcase Zeiss 21mm f2.8 T Biogon ZM


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Jan 19, 2015
Just starting a showcase thread for this lens as we don't appear to have one.

Here's a couple of images taken with a Leica M-E with an external 21mm viewfinder:

Berrima, NSW
by Otim, on Flickr

by Otim, on Flickr

Focusing with the rangefinder then composing with the external viewfinder sounds a pain but is actually good fun. You can use no coding or use the 21 f2.8 11134 code which displays an Elmarit 21mm. Either way, it's great lens and a fraction of the price of the Leica version of this lens. I'd have a problem believing it's inferior to the Leica version.

And here's one taken with a Fuji X-E3 using the Fujifilm M adapter:

by Otim, on Flickr

Definitely worth considering if you have a Sony with an adapter too, thereby giving you the option to use it with another system.

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