Lens ZEISS 35 MM 1.4 DISTAGON ZA T* - What is special !


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is there anything special about this lens when compared against G MASTER 1.4 35 MM SONY

1. GM Is sharper than Zeiss

2. GM has more saturated image and richer color

3. contrast i dont know perhaps ZEISS

4. Zeiss must be on the good on character.

sharpness is not something we can let go. meaning one should go for GM

but if GM is too far behind the pleasing look Zeiss could (if it can) create then one should go for Zeiss.

or its just an old story all together. ?

just adding few filters (hollywood BM) can we acheive Better look , what you say

or should i value OLD and trust its magic, hoping to get a quality piece.

please help with suggestions.