Olympus ZX-1 sample images at DPR.


Oct 12, 2010
I have just checked the samples, and the imahe quality is rather poor, with very little detail and poor colours. Lets hope something better of this camera


Jul 14, 2010
DPR has never shown any usable sample images. This holds for the sample pics of nearly every camera I own or have owned until now.


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Jul 3, 2010
It is ridiculous of Dpreview - with their extensive resources - to be so stingy about putting up RAW files for download.

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Jul 10, 2010
Huntsville, AL

Do they not put up the RAW files up after the review? I know during "previews" that the manufactures won't allow sites like dpreview to release full size images because the software/hardware is in beta and not yet released.

On edit,

I did look at their full size images. While not bad, I don't think they are as good as the LX5. They look overprocessed to me.

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